· Supply in 20 ft containers in flexi tanks or Bulk 

· Monthly capacity – able to supply up to 5,000 MT per month

· We provide full project management of the complete operation in china 

· We  employ our own highly qualified staff at each  facilities to oversee the following areas:

- Quality check of incoming sourced waste UCO for processing.

- Production planning & processing, scheduling, QA, staffing, management, etc.

- Quality Assurance procedures and laboratory testing in house plus oversee third party inspections

- Supervise Storage and logistics to the port for shipping ( containers and tankers fitted with anti-tamper and theft devices )

- Full transport security of containers and tankers from factory to port 

- Oversee loading at port both bulk and flexi tanks ( full in house security at port ).

Our UCO is a composition of different mixtures of oil which are discarded from the industrial deep fryers. This undergoes intense dewatering and filtration from sludge. The types of oil mixture comprising our supply standard used cooking oil such as canola oil, sunflower oil , palm olein , soybean oil etc. 

Each and all of the mentioned oil comprising this waste vegetable oil depends on the restaurants it is discarded and recycled from and the type of oil they use for their frying.